Chemical Guys Pete’s ’53 Black Pearl Crystal Polymer White Carnauba Paste Wax


Pete’s ’53 Black Pearl Crystal Polymer White Carnauba Paste Wax
Chemical Guys Product Code: WAC_400

Pete’s ’53 Black Pearl Carnauba Paste Wax is the perfect way to give your paintwork a show winning shine.


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Pete’s ’53 Black Pearl Crystal Polymer White Carnauba Paste Wax


Why Buy This Product?

  • 53% Brazilian white carnauba wax
  • Wipe on, wipe off formula
  • Perfect for dark, pearls and metallic paintwork
  • Unique blend of oils and liquid crystal polymers

How To Use:

  1. Wash and thoroughly dry your auto or motorcycle first
  2. Use the included dura-foam applicator to spread a thin layer of Pete’s ’53 Black Pearl over the painted portions of your auto or motorcycle.
  3. Pete’s ’53 Black Pearl will not dry to a haze. You can buff it off immediately with a soft, clean microfibre towel.
  4. Finish with a quick detailer to leave a clean, fantastic shine.

About Pete’s ’53

Pete’s ’53 Black Pearl Carnauba Paste Wax is the perfect way to give your paintwork a show winning shine. Pete’s ’53 is for the enthusiast who demands a paste wax that is handcrafted from the highest quality all-natural materials. Pete’s ’53 blends only the finest raw ingredients combining almond, coconut, banana, and propolis oils in a premium emulsion combined with 53 percent Brazilian white carnauba by volume. The all-natural paste wax creates a warm shine that will really let your paintwork stand out. Pete’s ’53 offers a brilliant high gloss shine to any colour paintwork. The unique blend of oils and liquid crystal polymers is specifically formulated to enhance dark and metallic paintwork.

UV, Water Spot, And Contamination Protection

Our unique blend of natural carnauba creates a hydrophobic layer that protects your vehicle from water spots, road grime, and contamination stains that can ruin the shine of your paintwork. Pete’s ’53 provides the world’s greatest detailing enthusiasts with a high gloss shine that is truly impressive. For over 100 years, automotive enthusiasts have cherished the warm, deep shine that all-natural carnauba wax gives to paintwork. The high-gloss finish is what custom car designers use to impress the judges at shows around the world.

Unique Blending

Chemical Guys uses traditional paste wax blending techniques passed down through several generations to achieve the signature shine that is truly timeless. Pete’s ’53 makes waxing your paintwork simple. The unique formula is designed to be applied with a wipe-on, wipe off technique with zero dry time. This timeless paste wax easily melts into the applicator pad to apply a thin layer to your paintwork. Chemical Guys products are engineered to give the highest quality results with the easiest application. Simply apply a thin layer of Pete’s ’53 to your vehicle’s paintwork and easily remove with a quality microfibre towel. Once removed, enjoy the high-gloss shine and durable protection that only all-natural Brazilian carnauba can offer.

Benefits Of Carnauba

Protecting your paintwork is a critical factor in preserving the condition of your vehicle. Water spots, environmental contamination, and road grime can discolour your paintwork making your vehicle appear neglected. Pete’s ’53 all-natural carnauba paste wax creates a shield that protects your paintwork while preserving that showroom shine. The high content of Brazilian carnauba wax reflects UV rays protecting your paintwork from fading and discolouration. Pete’s ’53 provides detailing enthusiasts with the perfect combination of durability and high-gloss shine that will make your car, truck, and motorcycle stand out from the crowd.

Perfect For Dark And Metallic Paint Colours

Pete’s ’53 Black Pearl is the perfect choice for vehicles with dark coloured or metallic paintwork. The unique timeless formula allows metallic flake to sparkle in the sun. The paintwork enhancing effect is achieved by using a secret blending formula that has been passed down for generations. The top-secret blending formula gives Pete’s ’53 Pete’s ’53 Black Pearl a shine that is only available from Chemical Guys. One coat of the black pearl Brazilian carnauba will have your eyes addicted to the wet shine that is only achieved by decades of innovation. Get the shine that has everyone addicted with Pete’s 53 Black Pearl Signature Paste Wax.

How A Premium Concours Paste Wax Came To Be Pete’s

We’re not sure how many Professional Detailers and Southern Californians know about Pete’s Wax Works in Norco, California, but anyone who is anyone in detailing surely knew the owner, Pete Martinez. Those of us fortunate enough to meet him or talk to him on the phone can agree that words cannot express just how incredible a person Pete was. Pete opened his shop in the Inland Empire, brought Chemical Guys in, and catered to every car enthusiast, detailer, friend, and anyone who wanted to experience detailing at its finest. Pete combined his 20 years of automobile paint blending, design, and finishing experience with his love for cars and motorcycles into a venue where he could share and teach others all about the art of detailing. Over the years, Pete’s Wax Works mentored hundreds of detailers, and educated enthusiastic automobile lovers, collectors, and friends to better understand paint care, the detailing industry, and proper use of detailing products and techniques.

Pete was more than the ultimate source for detailing knowledge: he was a true friend, a man with a heart of gold, and an amazing character who brightened every day (as well as every glossy paint finish!) Whether he was looking at a car or bike, Pete channeled over 20 years of experience in paint blending and finishing to make everyone’s smile as bright as their vehicle’s shine. And by educating his customers, Pete shared his immense detailing knowledge and moved the enthusiasts detailing sector up to the next level. Pete exemplified everything good that one looks for in a teacher and friend. His passion for detailing excellence and love for the automobile made him a part of the Chemical Guys family.

Pete passed away at the age of 53 on February 13, 2007, but he lives on forever in the hearts of everyone who knew him, learned from him, and laughed along with him. And although Pete’s Wax Works closed its doors, Pete’s family, friends, and knowledgeable enthusiasts keep Pete’s dream alive and our shared passion for expression and perfection burning bright within our souls.

We know that Pete enjoyed the brilliant glow and shine of his motorcycle on the weekly ride after leaving Wax Works with the wife. We only wish that he could have been dazzled by the wet liquid shimmer of our tribute, Pete’s ’53, for himself.

To everyone who knew Pete too, enjoy Pete’s ’53 Black Pearl and remember the good times we all shared. For those of you who never met Pete, make your own memories and share your love, dedication, and passion for the auto with your own friends and family.

Part Number WAC_400
UPC 816276010496
Size 8 ounces
Container Plastic with screw top
Scent Light Vanilla
Form Paste
UV Block Yes
Gloss Enhancing Yes
Water spot Protection Yes
Wax Yes, Carnauba
Hand application Yes
Machine application Not Recommended
Safe for clearcoat Yes
Safe for light color cars Yes
Safe for dark color cars Yes


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