Chemical Guys Elite Ultra Plush Microfibre Towels with Microfibre Edges, 16″ x 16″


Chemical Guys Product Code: MIC50203

The Chemical Guys Elite Ultra Plush Microfibre Towel With Microfibre Edges is a versatile detailing towel.

Size 16″ x 16″ (3 Pack)
Colour Yellow

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Chemical Guys Elite Ultra Plush Microfibre Towels with Microfibre Edges 16″ x 16″


Why Buy This Product?

  • Premium scratch-free drying towel
  • Perfect for drying off tons of water after a wash
  • Bright yellow colour highlights dirt; shows you when to flip to avoid scratches
  • Soft microfibre edging catches extra dirt without scratching paintwork
  • Convenient 16’’ x 16’’ dimensions tackle any detailing task
  • Ultra-soft & lint free
  • Made with 70/30 microfibre
  • Two plush heights for unlimited versatility

About These Towels

The Chemical Guys Elite Ultra Plush Microfibre Towels with Microfibre Edges are versatile detailing towels. The ergonomic 16’’ x 16’’ Elite Ultra Plush Towel is perfect for drying any small vehicle right after a wash, or removing any dirt, paste wax, or glaze during a full detail. Microfibre is the industry-standard cloth for touching and wiping cars because it is super-soft, super-absorbent, and will not scratch paint when used properly. Use Elite Plush Towels to soak up wash water and quickly dry any small car, motorcycle, or scooter. Elite Plush Towels dry without scratches because they are ultra-soft, ultra-plush, and stitched for gentle wiping on sensitive paint, metal, plastic, glass, and more. Every towel features one short nap side, and one high nap side. Use the high pile to soak up wash water, pick up dust and debris, and buff away detail sprays for a streak-free shine. Flip to the the low pile side to remove cured paste waxes, sealants, and dressings. The premium microfibre and exclusive microfibre edges are ultra-soft, and help prevent any swirls or scratches on sensitive paintwork and automotive surfaces. Elite Plush Towels are made with premium 70/30 blended microfibre for ultimate softness and durability, and a microfibre edge to further reduce the chances of scratching sensitive paintwork. To dry off a car with a soft touch of scratch-sensitive paintwork, pick up the Chemical Guys Elite Ultra Plush Microfibre Towel With Microfibre Edges.



Versatile Scratch less Detailing Towel

Although the Elite Ultra Plush Microfibre Towel With Microfibre Edges is perfect for soaking up standing water after a wash, its ergonomic size makes its versatility truly unlimited for all applications. The dual plush pile heights make short work of liquids and solids alike. Use the high pile side to soak up wash water, detail sprays, and waterless wash solutions. Buff away dried wax, sealant, and polish with the short pile side without fear of scratching the surface. Gently pick up heavy dirt in one direction in the high pile side, and clean windows and glass with the short pile. The plush microfibre edge further reduces the chance of scratching when buffing and drying along the edge of the towel. Use the Elite Ultra Plush Microfibre Towel With Microfibre Edges during any full detail, weekly car wash, or for quick cleanups at a car show or concours showcase.


Premium Grade Microfibre

Microfibre is a miraculous fabric that protects against scratches by being ultra soft, and by trapping dirt and debris away from sensitive paintwork. The softness of microfibre prevents scratches from the fabric itself, and the blend of Polyester and Polyamide determines the softness of the fabric. Low grade microfibre towels are made with 80/20 microfibre, and can scratch paint. Elite Ultra Plush Microfibre Towels With Microfibre Edges are made with a select 70/30 blend of fluffy microfibre for an extra soft feel that drastically reduces the risk of scratching sensitive automotive surfaces. Elite Ultra Plush Microfibre Towels also feature fluffy microfibre edges for an extra-soft feel all the way to the edge. Professional detailers, meticulous collectors, and serious enthusiasts all choose Elite Ultra Plush Microfibre Towels for all their weekly wash drying tasks.


Keep Your Towels Clean And Soft

Clean and soft microfibre is crucial to preventing scratches on paint. Use Chemical Guys Microfibre Wash to keep your microfibre towels clean, soft, and absorbent!
To wash and dry microfibre goods:

  • Separate microfibre towels by type into designated wash & dry loads.
    • Keep grimy towels separate from cleaner paint towels!
    • Start by washing “cleaner” towels first, then finish with “grimier” towels.
  • Machine wash microfibre goods with Chemical Guys Microfibre Wash and HOT water.
    • Hot water opens the fibres to better release dirt and grease.
    • Do not use fabric softener: fabric softeners clog microfibre and render them un-absorbent and useless.
  • Machine dry microfibre goods on LOW heat.
    • High heat cooks fibres, makes them hard, and then they can scratch paint.
    • Do not use fabric softener dryer sheets: fabric softeners clog microfibre and render them un-absorbent and useless.


Part Number MIC50203
UPC 816276014159
Size 16″ x 16″
Colour Yellow
Edge Microfibre
Lint-free Yes
Machine washable Yes


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