Chemical Guys Heavy Duty Detailing Buckets Mega Kit


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Detailing Buckets Mega Kit Buckets, Dirt Traps, Soap, Lid Etc.


This Offer of the Chemical Guys Detailing Buckets Mega Kit is Amazing Value for money.
You can Choose the Colours of the Dirt Traps & Bucket Lids for your preference.


This Offer Consists of:-

3 x Chemical Guys Heavy Duty Detailing Buckets – US 4.5 Gal = 17 UK Litres (ACC_103)
 x Chemical Guys Cyclone Dirt Traps, any colour! (DIRTTRAP + Colour Code)
2 x Chemical Guys Chenille Microfibre Premium Scratch-Free Wash Mitt (MIC_493)
1 x Chemical Guys Bucket Lid in Red or Black (IAI518, IAI519)
1 x Chemical Guys Fatty Super Dryer Microfibre Towel 34″ x 25″ (MIC_881)
1 x Chemical Guys Pack of 3 Elite Ultra Plush Microfibre Towels 16″ x 16″ (MIC50203)
1 x Chemical Guys MR Pink Super Suds Shampoo (CWS_402_16)
1 x Chemical Guys Rinse Free Wash & Shine 16oz (CWS88816) – Ideal if there’s a Hose Pipe Ban!!

All the Above for ONLY £109.99!!

For Each Individual Product descriptions please visit the Individual Pages here:- Detailing BucketCyclone Dirt TrapsChenille Microfibre Mitt, Bucket Lid, MR Pink, Fatty Super Dryer, Elite Ultra Plush Towels, Rinse Free Wash n Shine.

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Chemical Guys Transparent Logo Black - SlickShifts

Additional information

Weight N/A
Cyclone Dirt Trap Colour

Black, Blue, Lime Green, Pink, Red

Bucket Lid Colour

Red, Black

Mitt Colour

Lime, Blue, Black