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Auto Finesse Total Interior Cleaner

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Auto Finesse Total is a pre-diluted interior all-purpose cleaner, which is safe to use on all interior car surfaces.

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Auto Finesse Total
Interior Cleaner


Auto Finesse Total is a ready to use interior all-purpose cleaner which is safe to use on all interior car surfaces. Whether you are cleaning plastic, vinyl, rubber, cloth, or carpet Total’s sophisticated low-foaming surfactants will not disappoint.
From modern ‘soft-touch’ plastics, to badly stained carpets, or even neglected vintage vinyl, Total is up to the task.
Auto Finesse Total’s gentle nature makes it well suited for sensitive cleaning operations. It’s also capable of tackling a wide variety of tough organic, and inorganic based stains. Oil, grease, food, coffee, mildew, grass, mud, sun-tan lotion and silicone-based dressings can all be removed with ease.


Why Use Total?

  • Suitable for Regular Use on Plastic, Vinyl, Rubber, Cloth or Carpet

  • Sophisticated Low-Foaming

  • Offers a Blend of Safety and Cleaning Power that can’t be found in Harsh All-Purpose Cleaners



Before use, give the bottle a good shake to integrate the ingredients, and test on an inconspicuous area to check for colour fastness. If no dye transfer is present, it is safe to continue. Take care on Wilton Wool, and other natural-fiber materials.

Vinyl, Plastic, & Rubber:

For light soiling, spray Total directly onto a general purpose Microfibre Towel, and wipe onto surface. Switch to a dry general purpose Microfibre Towel, and buff off any residues to reveal a perfectly clean finish. If heavier soiling is present, spray Total directly onto the surface to be cleaned, allow to dwell momentarily, and agitate with a soft, short-bristle brush. You can then use a general purpose Microfibre Towel to soak up the remaining product and grime. Regularly re-fold, and periodically change your microfibre towels during the interior cleaning process. This keeps the cleaning and absorption power of your towels at their maximum, and prevents the possibility of leaving behind dirt or product residues. Follow up with an interior protectant, like Auto-Finesse Spritz to protect against fading, and restore that OEM look.

Spot Removal on Textiles:

For quickly removing stains and spills on fabric and carpeted surfaces, spray Total directly onto the spot until saturated, and allow to dwell for 1-2 minutes. If necessary, work the product into surface with a soft, short-bristle brush to help break down the stain. Once lifted, you can blot the surface with a dry, general purpose Microfibre Towel to soak up the remaining product. If the stain remains, repeat the process. Wet the cleaned area with a water spritz, or damp towel to remove any product residues, and re-blot with a dry general purpose Microfibre Towel. Finally, leave material in a well ventilated area to air-dry.

Textile Shampooing:

To deep clean fabric and carpets, begin by dry vacuuming the material to remove any loose dirt. Liberally spray Total directly onto the area to be cleaned until the surfaces is damp with product. Allow the product to dwell for 1-2 minutes. Wet a soft, short-bristle brush in a bucket of water, and agitate the area to help loosen any in-ground grime. You can then rinse the material with clear water, and use a wet/dry vacuum, or carpet extractor to remove the excess product. Repeat the process until the extracted rinse water stays clear. At this stage, you will know that all dirt and product residues have been removed. You can now leave the material to air-dry in a well ventilated area.




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