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Auto Finesse SlickS Finish Kit – Finale, Revive, Dressle, Glisten + Cloths

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Auto Finesse SlickS Finish Kit. All you require to give the Exterior & Engine Bay of your Car that Slick Show Quality Finish 😉
PLUS All the Cloths you’ll need to do it!

This Kit Contains 3 x 500ml & 1 x 250ml + 4 x Cloths & 2 x MF App Pads

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This Auto Finesse SlickS Finish Kit contains the following:


This SlickS Finish Kit contains all of the products that you require to add that finishing touch to your pride & joy. This kit has the extra convenience of including a Cloths package too.


1 x Revive Trim Dressing Size  500ml Auto Finesse Revive 500ml

Auto Finesse® Revive is a silicone-based trim dressing that brings life back to your exterior plastics, while being water resistant.

1 x Dressle All Purpose Trim Dressing Size  500ml  

Dressle is a water-based plastic dressing solution to leave your plastic trims looking like new and protecting further with UV inhibitors.

1 x Glisten Spray Wax Size  500ml Auto Finesse Glisten Spray Wax 500ml

Auto Finesse Glisten is an advance spray wax, which is perfect for those with little time or for treating hard to reach areas.

1 x Finale Quick Detailer Size  500ml Auto Finesse Finale Quick Detailer 500ml

The Auto Finesse Finale Quick Detailer is the perfect way to finish off your detailing, with its water-based solution and suitability for all surfaces.

2 x Chemical Guys Happy Ending Plush Microfibre Towels 
Size 16’’ x 16’’ (2 Towels NOT 3 as Pictured!)

Microfibre Towel – The Perfect Buffing Partner.

2 x Chemical Guys Workhorse XL Microfibre Towels Workhorse XL Towels Grey - 3 Pack
Size 24’’ x 16’’ (2 Towels NOT 3 as Pictured!)

Perfect for drying, cleaning, wiping, and buffing exterior paint and body panels

2 x Auto Finesse MF Applicator Pads Auto-Finesse-Microfibre-Applicator-Pad-Grey
Size 120mm Diameter | 20mm Thick

Microfibre Applicator Pad is the ideal choice for polish and paint cleansers because of its soft, large surface area. Can also be used on leather.


For Complete Product Descriptions Please look at the Individual Product Pages here: FinaleReviveDressle, Glisten, MF App PadsChemical Guys HE Plush, Chemical Guys Workhorse XL Towel



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