Ford Escort 50th Anniversary inc Video

Ford Escort 50th Anniversary inc Video


Not sure how I missed this article?! But I found it on the American Ford site so thought I’d post it up on my site for anybody that’s not seen it yet. I’ve had a few Ford Escorts in my time from MKII RS Mexico, MK4 XR3i x 2, MK6 RS2000 4x4, RS Cosworth Big Turbo x 2 & RS Cosworth Small Turbo. So I kinda like the Escort & I’d certainly have another MKII Escort of some kind & a RS Cosworth if I ever managed to win on the Lottery! Plus, I’ve never had a MK4 RS Turbo & I really, really want a good one. Most people probably wouldn’t understand but they’re just the kind of cars that I like. Anyway here’s the article…….

DEARBORN – Hot on the heels of Sebastien Ogier winning the 2018 FIA WRC Drivers Championship in a Ford Fiesta, we could not resist the opportunity to celebrate another milestone – the 50th anniversary of the legendary Ford Escort.

Racing has always been in the DNA of Ford and the Escort firmly lived up to this reputation on track and especially on rally stages across the world.

The fact that the Escort is still used competitively in rallies globally is a testament to its ability – something that we hope we have captured in this video.

Ford Mustang Bullitt takes on the Isle of Man TT Course.

Ford Mustang Bullitt takes on the Isle of Man TT Course.

New Ford Mustang Bullitt takes on the legendary Isle of Man TT Course. Oh I just love these American V8 engined cars. Can’t wait to see these on the Roads in the UK 🙂 Come on Ford we also need the GT350’s & GT500’s over here too!! 😉

COLOGNE, Germany – The Isle of Man TT Festival is among the most famous motorsport festivals in the world. Every year, over two weeks, 30 million fans tune in to see top motorcyclists test their talent on the incredible “Mountain Course”. But you don’t have to be on two wheels to get the best out of the Mountain Road – one of Europe’s Greatest Driving Roads.

For the latest in Ford’s series of films that showcase hidden gems for drivers and travellers alike, journalist Steve Sutcliffe got behind the wheel of the Ford Mustang Bullitt, on the island where many roads are not restricted by speed limits. (Although there are still laws against careless and dangerous driving.)

“Imagine German autobahns, then add hills and twists, and shrink it to a single carriageway with incredible views, and what you have are these utterly fantastic, and dramatic, roads,” said Sutcliffe. “The Mountain Road feels – and is – an utterly dramatic place to drive. It’s epic, and quite unlike anywhere else”

The mountain itself is said to be unique as the only place from which you can see all four countries that make up the United Kingdom: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. And regardless of the opportunity to drive fast, it does pay to slow down and enjoy the incredible scenery, as well as the local hospitality.


“The food and drink is excellent, pretty much everywhere on the island,” said Sutcliffe. “You may go there for the exhilaration of driving one of Europe’s most notorious roads, but it’s the people, the food and the scenery that will compound your sadness to be getting the ferry home.”

This is the ninth film in the series that has included everything from a Ford GT supercar across the stunning Atlantic Ocean Road, in Norway, to a Fiesta ST on the virtually empty Via Campocatino, in Italy. Rated on factors including thrill factor, food and road surface, the Mountain Road achieved the highest score in the series to date.

Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the legendary Warner Bros. film of the same name, the new special edition Ford Mustang Bullitt is available to order across Europe powered by an enhanced version of Ford’s 5.0-litre V8 engine delivering 460 PS and 529 Nm of torque.

You can watch the full Europe’s Greatest Driving Roads series here.


SlickShifts ‘The Detailing Store’ Trading @ Car Shows / Events List

SlickShifts ‘The Detailing Store’ Trading @ Car Shows / Events List

Information Updated as of 11/09/2018


SlickShifts will be attending an Event this Sunday……..Please see the Event List Below…..

As you may have read on the Homepage of this website I have been a Performance Car fan for basically all my life. I do seem to have a passion for Fast Fords in particular though, for my sins, and I have previously been a member of the National Ford RS Group RSOC & of the Regional EYRSOC.
In the past years I have attended numerous, RS specific & non specific, Car Shows with the EYRSOC. If you’ve never been a part of a car group then might I suggest that you give it a go! It’s great to be able to meet up & talk about Cars in general all day with like minded people 🙂 Plus there are Benefits like reduced Insurance Costs, Exclusive Merchandise, RAC Membership Discounts etc.
Well this year I’m hoping to re-join both the Main RSOC & the Regional EYRSOC.
I’m hoping to attend as many Car Shows as I can 🙂 I’m not sure what I’ll be driving to & from the shows in as yet but I’ll keep everyone posted on that.
The Plan is to be at the Car Shows so that I can sell the Detailing Products there. I will have a fair selection of Product with me for Customers to Purchase on the Day, if I don’t have what you require then I’ll just post the products on to you or take it to another show & meet you there.
If you would like any Detailing Products taking to a Specific Venue then simply let me know & I’ll bring whatever you need.
I will be attending various, not just Ford RS specific, shows over the year.
I’ll add a Full List of the Shows / Venues that I’m attending throughout 2018 below at a later date.

Here’s a list of the Shows that I’ll be attending, highlighted in Bold:-

April 8th Sun – Squires 

May 6th Sun –  Thoresby  

May 6th Sun – Timeattack R1/ 2 – Cadwell 

May 7th Mon – (bank hol) Timeattack R1/ 2 Cadwell 

May 13th Sun – Trust Ford Open Day – BarnsleyI will be Attending this Event. So if anyone would like me to bring them some Detailing Products to the Event please let me know 👍

May 19th Sat – Cars on the Canal – Goole – I will be Attending this Event. So if anyone would like me to bring them some Detailing Products to the Event please let me know 👍 Bilt Hamber Now Available

May 20th Sun – Scotland RSOC – Knockhill – poss 3/ 4 days road trip

May 26th Sat – Harrogate Car Enthusiasts Car Show & Family Fun Day @ Harrogate Railway FC Link – I will be Attending this Event. 👍

May 28th Mon – Cheshire Classic Car & Motorcycle Show includes North West Mercedes Benz Day & American Day Link – I will be Attending this Event. 👍

June 2nd Saturday – Classic & Performance Car Spectacular @ Tatton Park, Knutsford, Cheshire, WA16 6QN Link – I will be Attending this Show. 🙂

June 3rd Sunday – Classic & Performance Car Spectacular @ Tatton Park, Knutsford, Cheshire, WA16 6QN Link – I will be Attending this Show. 🙂

June 3rd Sun – Classic Ford – Santapod

June 10th Sun – West Wales RSOC – Bridgend

June 10th Sun – Cumbria RSOC – Grasmere @ Grasmere Fields, Grasmere, Cumbria, LA22 9SL Link.  I will be Attending this RSOC Show 😎

June 17th Sun – Fathers’s Day Classic @ Castle Howard, York, North Yorkshire YO60 7DA – Link I will be Attending this Show. Auto Foam is back in Stock & other New Products will be there!! 🙂

June 24th Sun – Timeattack R3 – Brandshatch

June 24th Sun – Oxford RSOC – Cotswold Wildlife Park and Gardens, Bradwell Grove, OX18 4JP, United Kingdom – Link – I will be Attending this Show. Buy 4 x 5 litres of Bilt Hamber Products for £60!! 🙂

June 30th Sat – Bristol / Swindon RSOC – Castle Combe Chippenham, Wiltshire, SN14 7EY – Link – I will be Attending this Show. Buy 4 x 5 litres of Bilt Hamber Products for £60!! 🙂 Now easier to spot with the Van all Logo’d up  😬

July 1st Sun – Trax – Donnington 

July 8th Sun – North Yorks RSOC – The Falcon Inn, Whitby to Scarborough Road, YO13 0DY – Link – I will be Attending this Show. Buy 4 x 5 litres of Bilt Hamber Products for £60!! 🙂 Now easier to spot with the Van all Logo’d up  😬

July 15th Sun – Clumber Park Classic Car & Bike Show, Clumber Park, Worksop, Nottinghamshire, S80 3AZ – Link I will be Attending this Show. 🙂
Special Chemical Guys Show Offer – 2 x Detailing Buckets + 2 x Cyclone Dirt Traps + 1 x Chenille Microfibre Mitt for £44.99
Plus ADD 1 x Chemical Guys Detailing Bucket Lid (IAI518, IAI519) for an Extra £9.00
Plus ADD 1 xChemical Guys MR Pink Shampoo 16 oz for an Extra £8.00
Plus ADD 1 x Chemical Guys Fatty Super Dryer Microfibre Towel (MIC_881) for an Extra £9.75
Buy the Complete Package for £69.99

July 28th Sat – Timeattack R4 – Oulton Park 

Aug 5th Sun – Ford Fair – Silverstone

Aug 18th Sat – Tatton Park Classic Car Show Passion for Power – I did this show last weekend!

Aug 19th Sun – Tatton Park Classic Car Show Passion for Power – I did this show last weekend!

Aug 26th Sun – National Day RSOC – Donnington Park Race Circuit, Castle Donington, Derby, DE74 2RP – Link – I will be Attending this Show. 🙂 

Aug 27th Mon – Thoresby Park Classic Car Show – Includes the East Midlands Mini & VW Show  Thoresby Park, Ollerton, Notts, NG22 9EP – Link – I will be Attending this Show. 🙂 

Sept 9th Sun – Northants RSOC – Whilton Mill I attended this show – Thanks to all the Customers that supported me on the last RSOC Show of the Year 👍

Sept 15th Sat – Timeattack R7 – Snetterton

Sept 16th Sun – Blackpool Ford Day – Blackpool 

Sept 16th Sun – Timeattack R8 – Snetterton

Sept 22nd Sun – Rally Day – Castle Combe 

Sept 30th Sun – Ford Fest – Santapod 

Oct 7th Sun – Trax – Silverstone

Oct 14th Sun – Timeattack R9 – Rockingham

Also local road trips & Nurburgring Trip to be discussed at club nights

If you are interested in joining the RSOC National Club or any of the Regional Clubs, in going to one of the above mentioned shows or having some Auto Finesse Products taken to a Venue for you to collect then please get in contact with myself via Phone or email. CheeRS Leon 🙂

I’ll be selling out of the Van at as many shows as possible from now on!

My old Escort RS Cosworth @ Castle Comb RS Day

My old Escort RS Cosworth @ Castle Comb RS Day

My old Focus RS500 @ Harewood House Fathers Day Show

My old Focus RS500 and my old Focus RS MR375 with another RS500 Out n About on a Road Trip 🙂

SlickShifts Ford Transit Custom now with Extra Visual Impact!

SlickShifts Ford Transit Custom now with Extra Visual Impact!

Transit Custom Sport Van – New Look


I’ve finally managed to get the Transit Custom Sport Van Logo’d up with our Current Suppliers & our own Logo. It will certainly make theTransit Custom Sport Van easier to spot at Car Shows / Events or even on-route! I wanted to strike a balance between a positive visual impact & still being able to see that stunning Colour. I think we’ve managed to achieve that & in my opinion it doesn’t look too ‘over the top’. It just tells you what we do & how to contact / find us. 🙂

I worked with Nick @ Signhouse UK in Barugh Green, Barnsley. So if you’re after something doing give Nick or Dave a ring & tell them I recommended them!

Here’s a link to the Detailing Store.

SlickShifts Performance Cars Detailing Store

SlickShifts Performance Cars Detailing Store

Over the last few weeks I’ve been converting the old Cycle Workshop into a bit of a showroom for the Detailing Store. Basically given it a bit of a clean up & re-cycled a 25 year old carpet that was fitted elsewhere in the shop, that was a fun job! I’ve cleaned the tool display and left some of the Bicycle Work Tools in place & used some of them as props. I’m now using the Stone Bench as a Display for the Detailing Products & the Massive Vice has become a Prop! The Side Door’s had a polish up as I quite liked the worn ‘patina’ look & I’ve added a new Sign. There are new small signs around the building also.

I’ve taken some photos, which are shown below, but I didn’t have all the stock that we carry in place as it was away at a Car Show. So we do have all the stock that’s listed on this site, it’s just not shown.

If you do wish to come and buy your detailing products in person then we’re open from 9am – 6pm Mon – Sat. The odd Saturday I’m sometimes away at an Event / Show in which case I’ll post on this site & Facebook.

If you pass the Front of the Shop & you notice that the Shutter is down & the building looks Closed then please don’t despair!! I don’t use the Front Door as that part of the building is For Sale so please park at the side of the shop on Green Road & use the Black side door, thanks!

2019 Shelby GT350 New Tech

2019 Shelby GT350 New Tech

I really wish they would make these in RH Drive for the UK & other Markets. I mean this is the Flagship (for now at least) Mustang so why not make it available in ALL Markets!? As good & Iconic as the new Bullitt Mustang will be I’d still rather have the GT350 for the wailing Engine Noise alone! Come on Ford do us a favour 😜



DEARBORN – To improve the new Ford Mustang Shelby® GT350 driver confidence and lap times, Ford Performance leveraged its Mustang road course racing programs and all-new upcoming Shelby® GT500, infusing GT350 with the very latest in track and street technology.

“Somewhere, Carroll is smiling,” said Hermann Salenbauch, global director for Ford Performance vehicle programs. “The new Shelby GT350 is our ultimate track Mustang. We’ve stuck to Carroll Shelby’s original formula for winning championships and made our Shelby GT350 even better with the latest in race-proven aerodynamics, tire and chassis technology.”

From F-150 Raptor to the Ford GT supercar, Ford Performance is creating authentic performance cars, trucks and utilities that deliver heart-pounding excitement for customers around the world.

Next-level chassis technology and aerodynamics

Building on a road course racing and track-focused legacy born in 1965, Ford Performance engineers and designers incorporated the latest advances in tire, aerodynamics and chassis technology into the 2019 Mustang Shelby GT350.

Working exclusively with Michelin, the team also engineered new Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires with a Shelby GT350-specific tread pattern and different compound to deliver more grip for significantly improved acceleration and lateral acceleration, as well as braking. The 295/35 front and 305/35 rear tires are fitted to improve stiffness and optimize new 19-inch aluminum wheels.

An all-new rear spoiler with optional Gurney flap and optimized grille closeout was designed and tuned with experience gained from wind tunnel development of the Ford Performance Mustang road course racing cars and upcoming Shelby GT500 model. Together, they deliver significant rear greater aerodynamic efficiency when equipped with the new optional Gurney flap on the rear spoiler, which will be available after launch.

Upgrades to Mustang Shelby GT350’s standard MagneRide active suspension complement the aero and tire enhancements with recalibrated springs and revised damping to take full advantage of the improvements.

Stopping power is provided by six-piston front and four-piston rear caliper Brembo™ brakes. For added control and improved driver feedback, Shelby GT350’s electric power-assist steering and three-mode electronic stability control settings feature enhancements taken from Ford Performance’s hundreds of hours of competitive track testing.

Tuning with Billy Johnson in the driver’s seat

Billy Johnson knows racing. As a driver for the FIA World Endurance Ford GT and IMSA Mustang GT4 programs, Johnson has broad expertise in what makes for a great driver’s car. He worked with Ford Performance to dial in the Shelby GT350 for 2019.

Shelby GT350’s exclusive high-revving 5.2-liter V8 remains the most powerful naturally aspirated Ford production engine ever and the only one of its type in the segment – delivering 526 horsepower and 429 lb.-ft. of torque at a blistering 8,250-rpm redline. It’s mated to a track-proven and precise-shifting Tremec® 6-speed manual transmission.

Johnson said the result of the new Mustang Shelby GT350’s aerodynamics tuning, revised brake calibration, and much greater downforce is a more balanced, higher-performing car on the straightaways and especially in the corners.

“Along with improved grip, brake and chassis refinements, Shelby GT350 brings a whole new level of performance driving,” he said. “It’s a rewarding car to drive on track for amateurs and pros alike, while making the driver feel like a superhero. It’s confidence inspiring in corners and begs to be pushed harder and to take corners faster.”

More craftsmanship, technology and style

Inside, driver and passengers of the 2019 Mustang Shelby GT350 are treated to a comfortable, stylish and purpose-built cockpit boasting the latest in advanced technology and premium materials expected of a world-class sports car.

Fresh sporting cues include a standard machined aluminum instrument panel appliqué with an available exposed carbon fiber version, plus newly designed door panel inserts in dark slate Miko® suede with accent stitching. A wrapped center console offers rich world-class craftsmanship. Standard Recaro race seats with firm side bolstering and open pass-throughs for safety harnesses offer the highest level of performance, while new power-adjustable seating is available with Miko suede inserts for those looking for added comfort.

A new high-performance, custom-tuned 12-speaker B&O PLAY audio system by HARMAN is now available for the 2019 Mustang Shelby GT350, controlled via the now standard 8-inch SYNC® 3 touch screen that features SiriusXM and FordPass Connect. Dual-zone electronic automatic temperature control is now standard, along with a universal garage door opener.

New colors for the 2019 Mustang Shelby GT350 include Velocity Blue and for the first time, Ford Performance Blue. Optional factory-painted over-the-top racing stripes are available in high-gloss Shadow Black, Oxford White or Kona Blue. Mirror-mounted Shelby Cobra Projection Lamps come standard in the available Technology Package.

The 2019 Mustang Shelby GT350 will be available starting in early 2019 and will be built at Flat Rock Assembly Plant in Flat Rock, Michigan. Enrolment in an exclusive, complimentary Track Attack driving program from Ford Performance is included with each vehicle.